We work with our Dutch-Ethiopian team on developing and launching the Magic Mitad. The idea of the Magic Mitad came from the fieldwork of Leon Simons. Together with local partner Bereket Dessie he did preliminary tests on baking injera with an alternative mitad. Bas joined the team to kickstart the development of the Magic Mitad. Joost is actively supporting the developments from the design perspective.

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Leon Simons (NL)

Founder technology
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Bas van den Berg (NL)

Founder business
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Bereket Dessi (ETH)

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Joost van Uden (NL)

Production and Design
Magic Mitad is a product of Magic Ventures B.V.. Settled to develop and launch products or services in developing countries, by matching the basic needs of local populations with technologies. Build on fieldwork and cooperation with educational organisations, institutes and companies.

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